Integrity, Education and Experience

We assist clients in determining what services may be needed for clarifying property value and sales.

Appraisals of personal property are formal documents made in compliance with USPAP and IRS standards.

There is no state or federal regulation or license for personal property appraisers and it is important to select an appraiser with membership in a major appraisal society for assurance that the highest of code of ethics and standards will be reflected in the appraisal report. 

  • A cover document explaining  what type of value is being sought and how the appraisal is to be used.
  • Limiting and qualifying conditions.
  • Explanation of the methodology and resources used include market analysis and markets selected.
  • An accurate description of the property written in such a manner that it can be identified without photographs.
  • The date and location of the inspection and date of value.
  • A statement by the appraiser that he/she has no financial interest in the property or that such interest is disclosed in the report.
Insurance Appraisals:
The replacement value and protection in the event of loss or damage.  This appraisal covers antiques, fine art, silver and other items that the client wants scheduled.

Estate Appraisals:
The fair market value and tax reporting requirements.

Charitable Donation Appraisals:
The fair market value and a creditable documentation for submission to the IRS should this be the client’s intent.

Assisting financial planners and related professionals in establishing their client's net worth.

Listing of personal property for homes and businesses and photographs of this property. 

ESTATE LIQUIDATION SERVICES  (NOTE: link to Upcoming Events page)
Liquidation services conducted with dignity and respect for the property and maximum proceeds to the client.  We work with the representative or owner to develop a plan to determine the best market for the property to be sold.  This can be a local, public or private sale or an appropriate national auction house specializing in a particular type of property.

Assist in dispersal of belongings to heirs, family or friends and arrange shipping or storage for property.
Organize and sort property in the home.
Stage the home for the best presentation of the items. 
Advertise the sale
Staff the sale with knowledgeable and experienced sales personnel. 
Arrange for distribution or disposal of unsold items.
House clearing.

Helping the client with relocation services through planning and coordinating a move.  The services include finding the appropriate moving company for the needs of the client, overseeing packing,  storage, transport, unpacking and furniture placement.  Specialized services are available upon request.

Selected client list and fee schedule provided upon request.